In 2030, ‘Corporate Health’ is a common theme across many large businesses. Wearable health tracking devices, fitness offers, doctor appointments within the company

– That has become the norm.

Immerse yourself in the world of ‘beFine’, a hypothetical company for individual health monitoring in the future.

BeFine’s service is designed to offer companies and their employees the opportunity to monitor and improve the health of each individual.

Can this be a
social enrichment?

Watch Phil’s story ... 

Health Record

Phil is using the Health Record provided by his employer and the company beFine. He is able to track different aspects of his health on a daily basis.

Phil can decide which aspects of his health he wants to share with hig GP, his employer and other healthcare workers. 


Does this provide
a target for abuse?

Let’s watch the news ...

TIME 3 months in 2022   SKILL Speculative Design, Future Thinking   TEAM Individual project

Speculative Design
Data Authority in Future Health

This project is an attempt to anticipate the worst to create the best for the future of people’s health data sovereignty. How do we want our society deal with sensitive data?



My approach and project phases to envision a future

Group 25
Research 3

Research Fields

The research evolved in the two fields of ‘Technology’, specifically around the explainability of intelligent technological systems and ‘Healthcare’, specifically around the care of mental health. 

Research 2


Within Guerilla Interviews, I was able to gain insights in people’s experience with mental health issues. Through expert interviews with AI researchers, I've got a better understanding of the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and what it means for the healthcare sector.


Online Survey

To find out more about people’s relationship with their (personal) data, I asked a cohort about different scenarios in which they would be asked to share certain data and then rated on a scale of 1 to 5 how willing they would be to share this data.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-05 um 13.07.56

Future Trends

The secondary research led me not only to technological trends such as emotion recognition, robotics and artificial intelligence, but also to trends in healthcare, especially future trends in corporate health.

Group 26
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-05 um 13.08.34

Envision future scenarios

These 4 scenarios are based on different future dimensions (possible, plausible, probable, preferable future). The content of these scenarios was based on the insights from the research phase and, in particular, the findings from the research around ‘Coporate Health’.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-05 um 13.12.17


The aim of these 90-minute sessions was to validate the future scenarios and find out the concerns of the participants. Through group discussions, it became clear that a major concern is the misuse of data by companies or third parties, creating mistrust between employers and colleagues.


Concept creation

To move from dystopian scenarios towards a more positive future, I have developed a conceptual storyline, that highlights a future for Phil where corporate health tracking is still happening but has a positive impact for both him and his employer. At the heart of the concept is the creation of the tracking company ‘beFine’. 


Value Proposition

The Value Proposition Canvas clearly outlines the advantages of the service provided by ‘beFine’.

Group 26
Concept Testing

Concept testing

In total, I tested the concept storyline with six participants of Generation Y, who potentially could be in Phil’s position in the future. I have asked them questions about their perceptions and opinions of the story. The result of the testing were four learnings around data control, confidentiality, data rights and data sharing.


Concept testing

The second round of prototype testing included a more  tangible prototype for the participants. Participants were able to physically experience parts of the health service by receiving an employment contract and the Health Ring.

After watching a introduction video of the beFINE health products, participants had to give their consent to take part in the health programme. Then they were able to check their Digital Health Record on the provided laptop, including their monitored health data.

Concept testing

This data was also accessable for participants on analogue health cards. With these health cards, participants were asked to decide which data they would be willing to share with 1) their GP, 2) their employer and 3) their therapist.

For this, they had four sharing options: fully share data, share data for a specific amount of time, show data from their own device, and lastly, don’t share their dat

Group 27
FutureHealth_Numbers_Process4 new

BeFine · Service video

This video is part of the experience prototype and serves as an explanation and advertisement for beFine’s health-tracking products as a fictitious company. The video aims to reach employees of the participating companies who would like to learn more about the health tracking service.


BeFine · Service blueprint

This is a future state Service Blueprint of beFine’s provided service. It helped identify all needed touchpoints to satisfy both customer groups – employees and employers.


BeFine · Ecosystem map

This map gives a detailed insight into how the fictitious company beFINE would offer its services and work with other stakeholders.

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© Linda Klotzbach 2023

© Linda Klotzbach 2024