Urban Greenspaces

– a communication concept about knowledge transfer

*year    2019 – 2020
*topic  Knowledge Transfer Concept, Design Thinking Method 
*skills  Design Thinking Process [Problem Definition, Interviews, Ideation, Prototyping & Testing],
               Interdisciplinary Teamwork
*team  Alexander Agnesens [Technology], Clara Cardona [Policy], Julian Bock [Digital Transformation],
               Melissa Heise [Humanities]

The Challenge

As part of the Design Thinking Basic Track at Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam, my team received the following challenge from the Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE) and the Center for Climate Change and Adaptation Hessen:

»Design a sustainable concept to communicate with local municipalities in one region in Hessen in order to gather information on their knowledge requirements regarding Climate Change Adaptation exampled by Urban Greenspace.« 


Process Overview

While working on the challenge, my team and I got to know and apply the methods of design thinking. The method consists of the following six phases, which we used to work on the definition and solution of our problem:


Prototype Idea

After the ideation phase and testings of several ideas, we started to focus on the idea of a digital exchange platform between research institutes like ISOE and small municipalities:


The Solution

The »Climate ExChange Platform« has the main purpose of enabling knowledge transfer from stakeholders with more knowledge about climate adaptation
to those with less by offering practical information to the people who work at a municipality level. There are three types of users for the prototype:

  1. Research institutes can understand and identify the needs and
    challenges faced by municipalities and offer additional resources,
    such as information, research papers or answer questions
    depending on their available resources.

  2. Municipalities interested in sharing their experiences can do so
    by using a template provided in the platform.

  3. Municipalities interested in learning can find real life experiences
    from other municipalities and find additional resources from other
    stakeholders, such as research institutes.

The Functions

MockUp_Website_exChange 2

Prototype Walkthrough

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