Simple bookbinding

– an infographic between analogue and digital

*year    2018
*topic  Infographic Design, Poster Creation, Bookbinding
*skills  Information Reduction, Digital Replica, Adobe Illustrator, Studio Photography
*team  Autonomous work

The Poster

The infographic poster with the title »Simple Bookbinding« visualizes the hand made process of bookbinding. Shown step by step are the two simple methods of »staple binding« and »thread binding«. The graphics are a digital replica of my own analog, hand-drawn sketches of cardboard, paper and thread to achieve a high quality in digitally realistic representation.

SimpleBookbinding_Poster_klein Kopie

The Process

Before the digital poster creation, all individual steps of the bookbinding process were built analogously with paper and carton on a small format [10 x 10cm]. Afterwards, I photographed these miniatures from a bird’s eye view and with a constant light source, so that the objects cast the same shadow. Subsequently, these photographs provide the basis for the digital replica. With the help of Adobe Illustrator, I recreated the photographs path by path and coloured them with a maximum of two gradations per colour tone. This results in the very realistic look of the graphics.


[first row] photographs of the handmade templates  ·  [second row] digital replica


building the handmade templates


handmade templates vs. printed printed digital graphics

Hand-made Books

After the step from analogue to digital had already been taken, a final step back to analogue was decisive for me. The result are two hand bound books with the same measuring as the first analogue creations [10x10cm]. Each book presents the graphics of one of the binding types [staple binding and thread binding] and embodies the type of attachment in itself.


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