Museum Concept Design 

– Individual guidance system at HBPG Potsdam

*year    2018
*topic  Exhibition Concept Design
*skills  Content Research, User-centered Design, Ideation, Scientific Writing, 3D Modelling
*team  [interdisciplinary] Mona Ruppert, Stefanie Krebs

Project Overview


Project details

MUSEUM STRUCTURE For the application of the concept, the content and spatial structure of the exhibition is divided into thematic islands. In summary there are 10 thematic islands, which you can see on the ground plan of the HBPG (blue circles):


THEMATIC ISLANDS Every thematic Islands consist of a single guiding object as well as several accompanying exhibits. These are grouped into thematic subareas of the thematic island. The guiding object can be a media art object or an installation that enables an easy entry into the thematic island. The following is an exemplary presentation of a theme island for the interim exhibition in the HBPG:

BEING A VISITOR Since the individual visit to the exhibition does not have to follow any chronology, it is also possible to get started on any thematic island. Visitors can thus decide directly where they are to start their journey directly after receiving the ticket.


THE STAMPS While viewing the exhibits, stamps can be collected on the ticket, as on a pilgrimage. Stamping digitally captures the visitor's path with the help of a chip integrated into the ticket. This initiates an interactive process that encourages an individual museum visit: Visitors at the stamp stations are provided with options on the displays, whose answers lead to different exhibits. So the path is determined by the decisions of the visitors.

The peculiarity of the stamp is the incompleteness as a stylistic device. For example, when stamping on the object at first, only an incomplete outline of the motif and the title of the topic island are stamped. Stamp supplements can be collected at the subareas of the theme island.

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