– App Concept Development

*year    2018 – 2019
*topic  Creating App Concept [topic »digital books«], User Experience Design
*skills  User Interface Design, Digital Typography, Prototyping Figma
*team  Lucie Härting, Jérôme Werner

DONKi is your digital bookshelf!

A finding from the research at the beginning of the project is that the number of people who regularly pick up a book has steadily decreased over the past two decades. My team and I took this as a reason to start the app development with the following vision:

»The medium book should become more popular again.«

Out of this motivation DONKi was born. The app will help users to have all books on a glance digitally, to collect and sort them, and to discover new favorites.


DONKi’s Offers

Discover new books
Find recent bestsellers, save them and
get your personal overview.

Explore new areas
Click through the collection
of different topics and come across with unknown favorites.

Create reading lists
Collect books in your reading lists and 
share them with your friends or colleagues. 

Support local bookshops
You can also find your books analogously
in a bookstore
close to you.

Process Overview

STRUCTURES At the beginning of the project we used information architectures to get an overview of the sorting and classification of books and to agree on the content and features of the app. This resulted in the navigation structure and a detailed breakdown of the filter function.


DRAFTS After analyzing existing apps on the market, we started with first visual implementations, which brought us closer and closer to a prototype of the app. We tested it weekly to work on the features and design.

CORPORATE DESIGN We developed an image for Donki with fixed colour and font schemes as well as a logo. It was important to us that the app should convey a dynamic appearance, as it is used at different times of the day and year. Colour changes and different greetings should give the user a personal feeling. In addition, we also outlined a possible advertising campaign for the app, which should make potential users curious.


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