Climate Justice

A Scrollytelling for Climate Education

 This project focuses on the causes and effects of climate change and the associated injustice that results from the impacts of climate change. In a digital way, the developed Scrollytelling attempts to confront users with the question:

Is the climate crisis fair?

Design Process

HOW MIGHT WE To give the our team a unified goal to achieve within the project, we collaboratively developed a How Might We Question in FigJam.

How can we inclusively explain the concept of climate justice by creating an emotional connection through a change of perspective that provides motivation and inspiration for concrete action in everyday life?

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Collaborative HMW Development · July 2020


Final HMW Question

SCROLLYTELLING USERS To keep track of users and their individual needs for future scrollytelling, we created 3 main personas. These are classified according to their attitude towards climate justice as well as their access to information regarding this topic.


Main Users of Scrollytelling

200422_Personas Linda

Goals, Pain Points & Motivation of Personas

THE STORY We developed a structure to accommodate the content we researched and approved in collaboration with Scientists4Future. The goal is to take the reader from a bigger global picture to three local stories about climate justice, and finally end with opportunities for action so readers don't feel powerless. 

CJ Screenshot

Introduction of Scrollytelling ”Gerechtigkeit“ ("Justice")


Structure of Scrollytelling

Date Jul 2019 - Sep 2020

Client Scientists4Future

Team Sophie Schüttemeyer, Elise Werner and Donatus Wolf

Role Concepting, Writing, UX/UI

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© Linda Klotzbach 2023

© Linda Klotzbach 2023